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Our mission is to provide specialist 

support to help you with software licensing on your IBM z Systems. Providing resources and assistance with software licensing, audit defence, and cost optimisation.

We also have experience in leading 

successful IT projects, and developing 

mainframe based software applications. 

Our Services

How we can help you manage your mainframe licensing and embrace the future for mainframes.

Our Services

IBM Z Systems

Information on IBM Z Systems

Audit Support

We have over 13 years experience of undertaking software license reviews on Z Systems 


Mainframe Digital Transformation. Links to vendors in the mainframe digital transformation space

Project Management

Information on our training in formal methods and experiences of running projects both large and small


"howeZAT produced an easy to understand and follow Audit Report, which clearly summarised the issues"


Ready to find out more?

Please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you. We would be very pleased to discuss your mainframe requirements with you, and how we could help you and your organisation.

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