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Why Choose us?


We have over 30 years experience working with leading businesses in Finance, Software, Insurance and Government. Helping them develop innovative technology solutions, improve management of their software assets, and embrace digital transformation.


We have in-depth knowledge of software licensing on mainframe, embracing IBM, CA, Pitney Bowes and other vendors. We can help you with your management of software licenses: review your software deployments and prepare a baseline, prepare an Audit Defence, review licenses and advise on cost savings in future contractual negotiations.


We have experience of managing and delivering successful projects, in Professional Services, IT, and Government. In Project Management, it is our ethos that it is key to build experience through the management of many projects, which in turn can help your company deliver successful projects. We also have experience in formal project methodologies in PRINCE2, ITIL4 and SAFe V5.


We have software development experience, from working on large complex products like IBMs flagship CICS product, to bespoke financial and insurance market products written in COBOL, and Assembler and REXX. We also have some experience in Java programming.

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